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OKAY SO HI APPARENTLY I'M MAKING A POST ABOUT ORGASMS. i'm giving away advice on self sex, really. i am a preacher spreading the word of the orgasm, according to broken__records. to quote:

broken__records: what is your goal with this post?
uptheapples: LOL

so today's post is going to be about strategy.

by the way, this'll be pretty graphic. don't read if you're squeamish about this kind of thing. thanks.

1) get in the mood. read some smut. watch some porn. picture a really hot scene in your head. visual stimulation is rad.

2) experiment. figure out what kinds of things work best for you. especially if you're kind of new to this kind of thing. everyone's different.

3) your clitoris is your bff. most girls can't have an orgasm without stimulating it. now, here's some more detailed advice: don't stimulate it directly. try rubbing circles around it, or rubbing the side of it ... it'll build up better and won't start to get over sensitive.

4) if you haven't found your g-spot, have no fear. it's not all that elusive. it's about a half inch to an inch and a half in. you should be able to find it by curling your finger upwards inside ... it's on the front wall. it should feel sort of spongey. idk, i suck at describing things. but anyway, pressure on it definitely augments the happy feelings down there, so find it if you can!

5) vary things like pressure and position. spread your legs, or close them. pull your knees up to your shoulders (definitely a fan favorite!). try it on your stomach or hands and knees. that kind of thing. different positions mean different angles. it's worth it to experiment, trust me.

6) breathing! VERY IMPORTANT. deep breaths = more oxygenated blood to your special parts. especially when you're getting close to the end ... it's tempting to hold your breath, but try not to. try to take even deeper breaths if you can. again, it's worth it.

7) it's not all about what's going on down below. try finding sensitive spots on your neck, chest, hips and inner thighs that you can. hump a pillow or something. extra stimulation on other parts of the body help to build the pressure.

8) build it up. when you feel like you're getting close, stop for a moment. completely. calm down a bit, then start again. do that as many times as you can possibly stand. it'll be worth it.

9) if you've never had an orgasm before, or THINK you might have ... well, you'll know when you ACTUALLY have one. it really IS like a sneeze, only better. (ten points if you get the reference.) all those fanfics that talk about exploding and whatever? totally true. so you'll know when you're having an orgasm.

10) prolong it. as you go over the edge, avoid direct contact with your clitoris but rub the side of it. or put pressure on your g-spot in time with your orgasm. if you're lucky, you might be able to pull off a multiple.

and there you have it. hints, really, for a better life. and if you want, share your success stories! i like to know that my teachings are appreciated. or ... yeah.
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